Space 2: Shop (2012)

Space 2 Shop puts together varied designs that may have been the response to a client brief or site restrictions, or the world around us. Around the time Lewis Carroll's timeless tale Alice in Wonderland was turned into a movie, there has been a resurgence of interest in a topsy turvy world where proportions are skewed. Villa Moda has giant floral patterns which dwarf the human frame. Watch out for the massive light fixture over the mannequins - who knows if this is massive orb is about to suck in people! Colors like white may be used to enhance the space and serve as a neutral background to merchandise. Or they may be unusual or intense warranting a second look. Not surprising then that the Barbie store in Shanghai is a girlish pink while Marc by Marc Jacobs goes heavy on the blue, including navy blue concrete flooring and blue metal shelving. Space 2: shop features 46 residential designs from 32 designers.

Author: George Lam
Publisher: Pace Publishing Ltd.
ISBN-10: 9881887410
ISBN-13: 9789881887412