Space: Retail (2006)

Amongst these 30 projects, we include a versatile and diversified selection of shops which range from a 20-sq-m compact store to a large department store of multiple levels. Designed by HMKM, Daslu in Sao Paulo, Brazil is an excellent example; no matter in its product nature or retail format, it is a unique store in every respect. Being one of the most extravagant department stores in the global market, it sells branded luxurious automobiles and helicopters. However, retail space for these luxurious commodities does not necessarily be glamorous or magnificent; it can also be simple and basic to emphasize spatial comfort. An inclusion of extravagance is still needed though for a unique experience, therefore a bar area lined with books and installed with state-of-the-art audio system has become the spatial focus of the entire space.

Author: George Lam
Publisher: Pace Publishing Ltd.
ISSN: 1022-5609