J/GA and Kacper Dolatowski of Axon Design Inc. have been collaborating on custom light fixtures for many years. From conception to completion, J/GA and Axon Design Inc. work closely at all stages. They start by analyzing the space, materials, finishes and color palettes of the installation site which influence the shapes, sizes, materials, finishes, light effects and available technologies to employ for their lighting designs. Many of the fixtures produced from this collaboration are inspired by Stephan's fascination with natural geometric forms and Kacper’s favored medium -- glass.

Various concepts are developed through sketches, 3-D models and prototypes. Once a design is selected the production of these fixtures take an average of 10 weeks, after which installation of the fixture takes a few hours. Materials for each design are sourced from manufacturers and craftsmen located in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, along with a few oversee suppliers. Every fixture is assembled and meticulously inspected in person at Axon Design Inc.’s facility located in Brooklyn. J/GA and Axon Design Inc. are currently collaborating on custom designs for a penthouse apartment in the clock tower of the Williamsburg Savings Bank building in Brooklyn as well as a number of commercial projects in New York, Shanghai and Europe.