My Boon

Seoul, Korea, 2012

My Boon is a new 6,700-square-foot lifestyle boutique on Cheongdam-Dong in Seoul’s Gangnam-Gu neighborhood. The client’s concept for the shop was a simple statement- “My style, my body, my soul, MY BOON” with a focus on a curated global commerce. It is designed to be a modern retail space that would function more like a cultural destination. It is a consumable space that seeks to reinvent retail; its substance gained more from a spare palette of materials, much as an art gallery and presents a refined industry in its display elements placed in a changeable landscape.

The scheme is divided into two social spaces, each with a sequence of distinct vantage points; a large retail space for fashion, furniture, footwear at one end; health bar/café at the other end and a retail gallery of personal accessories and objects that acts as a connector between the two spaces. The cafe is the main social space of the store, where customers can recharge their bodies from a healthy menu of fresh juices and snacks. It is part apothecary, as well as a café, with a hygienic atmosphere. The movement of people in this interior landscape was considered - spaces to linger, spaces that connect, elements to sit upon, and frames to view through. The design defines each of these zones through subtle shifts in materiality and color. The project
employs unifying elements to tie the spaces together. A louvered ceiling of natural wood runs the length of the space to bring a harmonious balance. It hides the lighting, building HVAC ducts and electrical/data cabling. The ceiling acts as a calibrated field to bring unity to the elements below.
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