Bike Rack

New York, NY, 2008

A finalist in New York’s City Racks Design Competition, the Bike Rack is an innovative and iconic fixture conceived to enhance bicycle parking throughout the City of New York.

Made from durable die-cast aluminum alloy, the rack was designed to be both versatile and sustainable. The small footprint and slim profile allow the rack to fit into a variety of urban site conditions while the unique shape allows the rack to be mounted on any side to accommodate a range of bicycle sizes. A single point of connection makes the racks easy to install and maintain.

The aluminum frame – a percentage of which would come from recycled car parts – can be painted to convey information, increase visibility or to blend in with its surroundings. Depending on the context, the racks can be used to visually identify nearby structures such as subway lines, or simply left unfinished to compliment sensitive landmark or park settings.

Status: Finalist. Permanent installation at Astor Place.
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