One-Quarter Table/Chair

New York, NY, 2013

Designed for the Battery Park Conservancy "Draw Up A Chair" Design Competition, the One-Quarter Table/Chair highlights the 'social condition' of a chair and its potential as a meeting place that supports multiple functions. It is designed to be movable, grouped together and stackable for compact storage. Shown in wood and metal versions, the component parts are easily mass produced from powder coated aluminum, sustainably harvested and weather resistant Black Locust wood and recycled PET plastic.

The form is traditional in the sense that the user can sit facing forward with a leaned back, but its asymmetric back support frame additionally allows for non-cumbersome backward seating that eliminates the need to straddle a typical centered back support. This backward position yields use of the frame's 8" cantilever as an armrest or table that is equipped with a cup holder. Chairs can be seamlessly combined in which two chairs arranged back to back create a table large enough for a chess game or two friends meeting for lunch. The number of chairs that can be combined is only limited to the number of available chairs. Larger arrangements accommodate a 4-person table and seating or even a long banquet table.

A typical chair in the park invites one to sit and/or interact. The form and intention of the One-Quarter Table/Chair is to enhance the user's standard experience of a chair, provide the option for additional functions and promote various levels of interaction with other users.
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