Open Fort 400

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009

Open Fort 400 seeks to reaffirm the cultural connection between Amsterdam and New York City that was created by Henry Hudson 400 years ago. The competition takes its name from Fort Amsterdam – the large, open fort built to protect the colony of New Amsterdam (now New York City), which over time has become a world center of cultural diversity and knowledge. The competition seeks to create a contemporary place of exchange between New York and Amsterdam in a post-industrial neighborhood of Amsterdam North.

Our design for Open Fort responds to New York City’s place as a global center for multi-media platforms. It delivers an “Open Fort” in the form of a multi-media studio powered by the content producers of New York. The programmatic core is television studio that delivers prominent New York programs to Amsterdam and throughout the world.

New Brooklyn Studios will kick-start and amplify the development of the surrounding neighborhoods. It adds critical elements to the programming of the area by providing a programmatic anchor for development – delivering commercial services and providing starter facilities for residents and workers. The program creates a choice destination that will enrich the cultural capital of Amsterdam.

Status: Unbuilt