Marc by Marc Jacobs Milan

Milan, Italy, 2010

This store and cafe for Marc by Marc Jacobs, is located on the Piazza del Carmine in Milan's Bera district. The two spaces occupy the ground floor of a 16th-century building adjacent to Santa Maria del Carmine, a 15th-century church built for the first duke of Milan.

The program called for the store and cafe to act as a single unit, but also maintain the ability to act independently of each other due to differing operating hours throughout the day. In response to this challenge an open floor plan was created and divided into three sections. A series of thresholds were employed to define a transitional space between the store and cafe, allowing for a customizable program. It is defined by a frameless, blue glass sliding door at the bar and a hidden roll down gate at the sales floor. Depending on the hour and needs of the client this space can effortlessly merge with either program at any given time.

The cafe features a large layered light fixture that acts as the main focal point, custom designed elements which include the 6-meter-long bar clad in white Thassos marble, polished stainless steel and grey concrete cafe tables, as well as leather and polished stainless steel bar stools and chairs.

Status: Built
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