Provincetown Residence

Provincetown, MA, 2007

The historic 6,000 square-foot home dates back from the 1870s is located in the West End of Provincetown. The original structure had seen prior modifications over the years and had grown by accretion across a wide site, which includes two large volumes and three lesser volumes situated between the street and Provincetown Harbor.

Originally meant to be a renovation project, the house underwent major reconstruction when it was discovered that the original structure was built without an adequate foundation. Additionally, three-quarters of the house was deemed structurally unstable and torn down under an emergency order.

The reconstruction of the main volume, with its historic facade facing the street is clad in painted clapboard with double hung cape windows and the existing secondary volumes were re-clad with white cedar shingles. The new sections of the structure facing the sea, are clad in mahogany and plate glass with a low pitched cooper roof. The distribution, scale and character of the interior rooms correspond to the architectural tone, fenestration, and structure of the external volumes. The smaller, more private rooms occupy the historic footprint and wood construction of the earlier structures, while the large open spaces of the living room and balcony of the new addition are provided uninterrupted views of the sea, afforded by steel framing and hurricane resistant glass.

Status: Built
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