Bank Street Townhouse

New York, NY, 2003

Located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood this 2,700-square-foot, 4-story home with a narrow footprint at nine and a half feet wide boasts three bedrooms, three fireplaces, dining room, kitchen, living room, basement level and garden space.

Originally built in 1836, the house was partly destroyed by fire in 1893 and has seen a number of repairs and additions including the reconstruction of the living room in 1910 and a dining room that was added to the rear in the 1970s. The renovation of this Federal style townhouse sought to remain sensitive to the building’s historical context while making the spaces more live-able.

Much care was taken to preserve the existing architecture although substantial alterations were made that include an update to the dining room and kitchen with white pine paneled walls and ceiling and a new master suite that was created from two smaller rooms on the second floor.
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