Stilt City Art Center

Rockaway Park, NY, 2015

Located on Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Stilt City will be an art community space created in a vacant bungalow, which had been flooded by Superstorm Sandy in 2012. The design implements low-cost resilient features that will help mitigate future flood damage. These include the replacement of hardscape with porous materials that will aid in natural drainage and reduce erosion; installation of mechanical equipment above the first story; and use of marine-grade plywood that provides resistance against mold and water damage. The unique sloped roof accommodates a lofted living area to allow storage of items during a flood; it extends over the front porch to create a canopy and theatrical-like frame or stage. A new roll-up door opens the fa├žade to the street and can remain open for enhanced visibility and accessibility during open studio sessions, exhibits and community programs, as well as to accommodate large sculpture and installation pieces. The exterior cladding is intended to change and evolve over time with contributions from the artists in residence so that the building itself will become an installation.

Status: In Progress

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