Tanzania Beekeepers Asali & Nyuki Sanctuary

Dodoma, Tanzania, 2016

The Tanzania Beekeepers Asali & Nyuki Sanctuary is a beekeeping and honey extraction center places – with a strong emphasis on providing educational and vocational resources to the growing beekeeping community. The sanctuary is a centralized facility for honey extraction and processing, as well as a public market, and will provide education and services to local villages.

The design of the sanctuary fosters a sense of community, collaboration, and improvement through informal and formal spaces for interaction. The facilities are organized in a cellular-patterned structure around garden courts providing a framework for future expansion, as well as spaces for informal interaction and learning. Construction is being divided into three core phases; phase one will include spaces for education, honey - harvesting and a market.

Partnering with Follow the Honey, National Beekeeping Supplies and Nyuki Safari Company – three organizations devoted to sustainable beekeeping and economic development opportunities – to work with local beekeepers, consultants, and a group of dedicated and passionate individuals alongside the Tanzanian government, to decentralize and support local beekeeping activities.